Steve Martin is THE dentist

[uvc-youtube id=”On3mrKW-Nk0″ width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″]

Have no fear,  this is Steve Martin in the movie the Little Shop of Horrors.  Not YOUR dentist.   Don’t try this at home.

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71 Responses to Steve Martin is THE dentist

  1. MrTripleDj says:

    poor little kid…..

  2. Mu91c14n says:


    …How exactly did he get up on the ceiling in the first place?

  3. themusicmastera380 says:

    Stop at 54

  4. Dana H. says:

    i love this song,,,,,i thnk i should have became a Dentist ,,,,,,!!!!

  5. aculpep246 says:

    If he was my dentist I would be behind the the door with a Bee-Bee gun…………And then I’ll show what its like shoting puppys with a Bee-Bee gun

  6. aculpep246 says:

    Haha poisining guppys:-)

  7. tokidokidog says:

    OMG LUV THIS MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. vamp1024 says:

    love the weird little dance he does when he said “Cause I’m a dentist, and a success!”

  9. zonkdavid says:

    is the second woman at 1:18 the mother from ” whats up dad ? “

  10. DeadRaymanWalking says:

    …And this is why I occasionally see a nice dentist who’s apparently from Britain 🙂

  11. goji3755 says:

    I cringed several times during this scene. Steve Martin is scarier when he’s happily singing than any other horror villain doing it’s thing.

  12. HorrorMovieAndSound8 says:

    Säg aaaaahhhhhh! aaaahhhhhhh


  13. ChenMfilms says:

    This guy is obviously the father of Sid, from Toy story

  14. bla7091 says:

    love it, especially when I gotta go myself… great way to get in the mood

    And whatever happens can’t be worse than this!

  15. xlithiumfreak says:

    AHHH! XD And Pavi and Amber?

    Most likely… probably his great grandpa.

  16. sbui66pip says:

    Ohhhh Mama?

  17. hpd929 says:

    The dentist does suck, but I kinda feel bad for my dentist (that he has to deal with the stereotype), he’s a really nice guy. Oh well. Lmao.

  18. filetemyoung83 says:

    my favorite part is when he says and BASH its head.

  19. MadHatter8D says:

    I’m never going to a dentist ever AGIAN D:

  20. PunkAngel789 says:

    Lol!!! I think your on to something

  21. FeeelixWright says:

    Could he be a relative of Luigi Largo from Repo?

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