Don’t Let Three Stooges Pull Out Your Tooth

[uvc-youtube id=”07JREt5QP48″ width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″]

Release Date: 10/4/1951 The Only Thing More Dangerous Than An Outlaw WithA Toothache Is A Dentist Named Shemp The Stooges Set Up A Dental Office & Their Murd…

Hilarious. Better check those credentials again!

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45 Responses to Don’t Let Three Stooges Pull Out Your Tooth

  1. mannyman03 says:

    No prob Mr.hernandez, you 2

  2. Kyle Jennings says:

    I’m pretty sure it was actually Larry because if you notice right after the teeth points out that 1 of them is flat, Moe & Shemp point to Larry. But the even funnier thing was Larry was pointing @ Moe! roflmao!

  3. reuben hernandez says:

    Thanks for the Amen Bro. Stay Kool mannyman03…………….

  4. mannyman03 says:

    A FREAKIN MEN to that my brother!!!

  5. Teobi1 says:

    All the Howard boys were adorable :p

  6. reuben hernandez says:

    Ha,Ha,Ha,He,He,He, This is real slapstick comedy not this crap they show on t.v. today. Can I get an amen ?

  7. Clevinger67 says:

    “Bum bum bum bum! Hey, hey…one of you guys is flat!” lol

  8. dakingofmw2 says:

    Shemp was good but curly was the best !!!!

  9. HereWasNicole says:

    Wow, I haven’t seen a Stooge short with Shemp in years, and I had no idea how much Moe and Shemp were just clones of each other. I mean, I know they’re brothers, but still xD

  10. promoter1109 says:

    always funny

  11. riders2750 says:

    Oh that site i know that site. its just that its been about 5 years since the last time i was on it sorry bout that

  12. riders2750 says:

    I known the website itz just that its been a llloooooooonng time since ive been on it

  13. fcdrre1 says:

    youve got to be kidding me right?

  14. 69789Darius says:

    Wikipedia Is The Site That Gives You Information About People, Places & Other Stuff

  15. riders2750 says:

    wikipedia? what kind of site is that?

  16. 69789Darius says:

    Because I Looked It Up On Wikipedia

  17. riders2750 says:

    How do you know that shemp died of a heart attack and curly died of a strok?

  18. 69789Darius says:

    Shemp Died Of A Heart Attack On The Back Of The Taxi Cab While Telling His Friends A Joke On November 1955 & This Short Was Made In 1951

  19. riders2750 says:

    1:35-2:08 :P

  20. riders2750 says:

    How did shemp die and what year was it?

  21. sonrouge says:

    Hmm, opening scene has got to be one of the few times they don’t use dummies when they get thrown out of some place.

  22. John Sumner says:

    lol shemps face at 2:46

  23. tyler434652 says:

    Curly died? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo

  24. 69789Darius says:

    That’s Curly Brother & Curly Wasn’t In This Episode Because It Was Shot In 1951 & Curly Had A Stroke In 1947 During The Filming Of Half-Wits Holiday & Curly Was Replaced By His Brother Shemp Who Was The Original Stooge Before Curly Was & Curly Appeared As A Cameo In Hold That Lion As A Sleeping Train Passenger & After 1 Year This Short Was Filmed Curly Died On Febuary Of 1952 He Was Only 48

  25. tyler434652 says:

    whos shemp and wheres curly

  26. xavianhayes61 says:

    hey teeth look! LOL!!!

  27. automatikman365 says:

    BOM BOM BOM BOM – “I made a lucky strike when I found you …” BOM BOM BOM BOM – “the girl of my dreams …” LOLOLOLOL they bust out in three-part harmony witha set of mutant teeth – f***ing hilarious

  28. sumaya963 says:


  29. sumaya963 says:


  30. iloveanastasia28551 says:

    that is a mws song

  31. iloveanastasia28551 says:

    those are ugly teeth

  32. glowworm2 says:

    That was so random when the teeth got them to sing.

  33. glowworm2 says:

    I love Shemp’s signal to Moe and Larry that the chef is looking for them outside. “George Washington. Washington.” Even better–Moe totally understands it!

  34. hlanus1 says:

    I think it’s Three Smart Saps, but I could be wrong. Check it out.

  35. Racoon Luna says:

    i love how random this is xD

  36. samoanfun11 says:

    One of em WAS flat singin’, just don’t know who though.

  37. 47thSaviorRegiment says:

    I absolutely love Moe’s expression 4:20-4:26

  38. kokomojosiphus says:

    Hey teeth, look! then the teeth sucker them into a song and has the gall to critique. Classic

  39. jamalgj9 says:

    I like the Bronx accent of the teeth. :o)

  40. gonzomoya420 says:

    I love the bit starting at 3:37 where Larry jokes about his tooth and Moe says “I’ll show it to you!” Then Shemp nails Larry with the “anasthetic”! LMAO! Great acting by Larry as he never stops looking “knocked out” even when Moe smacks him on the head and says “lucky guy”! LOL!!!

  41. lakearea100 says:

    man this one killed me

  42. ladyfire44 says:

    I think it was in another short. Not this one.

  43. 0bigcat says:

    2:54 george washington washington hahahahaha

  44. KGirl1953 says:


  45. JohnSilverfan01 says:

    Gotta say, that Emil Stika was a fast guy. LOL

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