Herbie Wants To Be A Dentist!

[uvc-youtube id=”6DAja7-RuvM” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″]

While the North Pole is labor abundant, one of the elves would like to enter the services industry and become a Dentist.

One of my favorite animations of all time with such a cute style.  And he wants to be a dentist!

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33 Responses to Herbie Wants To Be A Dentist!

  1. jacquovia says:


  2. Dr. Aaron D. Johnson, DMD, The Smile Center says:

    Even Santa’s elves want to be dentists!

  3. Janice J. Cunningham says:

    Happy holidays gahhhhhhhh

  4. Matthew Kozminski says:

    I pretty much feel this way at work everyday, and I don’t even want to be a

  5. isegoria1 says:

    I have triple checked this and according to the IMDB – His name is most
    certainly Hermey

  6. music1fan2 says:

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer

  7. beefmageditor says:

    Hermie is short for Herman. Like Munster. “I wanna be… a dentist.”

  8. Emily Butterfield says:

    @freevsfairtrade the heart wants what the heart wants!

  9. peaceofmind77 says:

    aww i love herbie he’s my favourite part about this movie

  10. Dean Cannon says:


  11. marinagipps says:

    According to the animation company the name is spelled: “HERMEY”. It’s on
    their website.

  12. smithdanger says:

    What would happen if they fired him? Would he be killed…or sacrificed?

  13. sjunor says:

    I feel ya man – I hate my job too.

  14. mustang6172 says:

    Why does anyone want to be a dentist? They must think, “I’d like to be a
    doctor, but I don’t want to actually save anyone’s life.”

  15. RedPaladin says:

    Herby doesn’t like to make toys! Herpy doesn’t like to make toys! Furby
    doesn’t like to make toys! Also… Yukon Cornelius = Ratings!

  16. MrKillerapple says:

    the elves have penises for noses

  17. TheNevan60 says:

    “dentist” is 1960’s code for gay~! LMAO

  18. cornsy2009 says:

    cool ………

  19. 4everdamndbyunclesam says:

    anyone else feel like that cbs logo is staring at them? judging, prying,
    nosing around?

  20. queenvelvet says:


  21. errorparrot says:

    He doesn’t even have pointy ears… and he wears lipstick.

  22. wthnogoodnames says:

    Herby doesnt like to make toys!

  23. kitikat88 says:

    i had a crush on hermie when i was like 5

  24. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    Very cute scene!

  25. mi6QBranch says:

    This has been voice overed, but half the elves still refer to him as Herbie!

  26. mtakenM says:

    I play hermey in the next SCC musical called Christmas Spirits

  27. music1fan2 says:

    I’m with you. I am so like Hermey.

  28. morningstomper123 says:

    Interesting info. Hermey was voiced by paul soles. Paul soles was the dude
    who originally voiced spider-man in the sixties. GO PAUL!

  29. missanime00 says:

    I love Hermie xD. He was and still is my favorite character from Rudolph
    besides Yukon Cornelious. 😛 <3

  30. MuslimahSoapbox says:

    @kitikat88 that made me laugh so hard. I had a crush on Willow when I was
    little. bahahahaha.

  31. jdog15630 says:

    screw making toys SCREW DAT

  32. breakthewalldown1 says:

    his name is herbie not hermie

  33. jesusnthedaisychain says:

    Motivate the guy who wants to quit by threatening to fire him? BRILLIANT!!!!

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