The Berenstain Bears – Visit The Dentist

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A loose tooth!

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  1. Emma Poole says:

    When I had my first loose tooth (5 years old), I actually bumped my mouth
    on the ground when putting on shoes and the tooth came out.

  2. 34tjbowman says:

    papa your fat

  3. Rachel Eberschlag says:

    Because I think Mama and Papa wanted him to stop eating so much candy.
    Sweets are okay once in a while but too many ruin your teeth.

  4. The DS Guy says:

    My parents told me. I’ve never had a cavity, so I don’t know how it feels.

  5. sis21776 says:

    Fuckbernstein bears stop being dirty God just because your,life is
    miserable doesn’t mean you need to be nasty you sicko so stop being sick
    you perv

  6. johndeere gal says:

    why would he get in trouble for eating candy? They didnt tell him not to.
    If they would have told him not to eat it that would be different.

  7. Джастин Медведь says:

    these were the first ever series of books i started reading when i was
    younger, great for kids

  8. Beautybybianca101 says:

    I love the bearstain bears this was m childhood!!

  9. anushka786001 says:

    I love you

  10. Era Zarc says:


  11. fanirama says:

    I’ve heard all cavities can hurt .I had one that was so big it chipped off
    half my molar but it didn’t hurt at all positively posalutly my dentist is
    dentist doctor howie medical doc

  12. katieparfett says:

    Fillings relly don’t hurt I had 2

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